Marinism and macrotextuality in Margherita Costa's early printed books


  • Julie Robarts


parole chiave:

Margherita Costa, letteratura barocca, poetica barocca, intertestualità, marinismo


Margherita Costa’s first lyric works represent an enormous production of over 1046 quarto pages of poetry, and 325 pages of love letters, published in four books between 1638 and 1639: La chitarra, Il violino, Lo stipo and Lettere amorose. In this paper I propose macro- para- and intertextual analyses that work together to define these four works as a corpus, firmly situated in literary milieu of mid Seicento Marinism.




come citare

Robarts, Julie. «Marinism and Macrotextuality in Margherita Costa’s Early Printed Books». Altrelettere, febbraio 2023, doi:10.5903/al_uzh-67.